Size Matters and Speed Kills



(Vail, AZ) Bill McCulloch


The hype was there all week long, building up day by day. Would this be the game to knock Cienega off their perch.


The Mountain Lions from Marana’s Mt. View High School had their plan. Come out hard and play smash mouth football from the get go.


On the other side, the pride of Vail Cienega Bobcats had a different idea. Step on them early and don’t let them up.


There was no need to turn on the jets, they had been warming up in the locker room before this game even started.


Last regular season game. Homecoming and Senior Night, the stands packed with fans, parents, alumni and town’s people from Vail, all waiting to erupt and witness and undefeated season and and a possible number one seed going into next week’s playoffs.


The Bobcats had their way with Mt. View the entire game, unlike a week prior when the Nighthawks of Ironwood Ridge came back to force overtime in a thrilling 56-55 loss to Cienega.


The message was clear all week from the defensive coaching staff, “DO NOT LET THEM BACK UP!”


Series after series the Mountain Lion offense would sputter and have to punt. A few plays here, a few plays there, but never enough to put together a sustained scoring drive until the start of the third quarter.


Mt. View’s first touchdown came after a terrific run back on the opening kickoff the the second half, and the kids from Marana punched it in, but the game was well in hand at that point 28-7.


Not to be shown up on Senior Night, the Bobcats came right back and avenged that touchdown by scoring a touchdown of their own on the very next possession.


It wasn’t till under a minute left in the game that the Bobcat offense would be heard from again.


Final 41-14, undefeated at 10-0 and Southern Division Champs and number one seed, these Cats walked off the field with their heads high, fists in the air knowing that their work isn’t finished yet.


For the seniors, it was a chance to reflect on back to back champion seasons. Where last year fell short of the elusive title, this season may last a few more weeks as the talent rich kids from Vail are not ready to go home just yet.

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