Frog & Firkin cleans up with three best of the best award

(Tucson, AZ)  The Arizona Daily Star’s Readers Choice Awards came out and a Sponsor of 520 Sports Talk took thee Awards home.

Frog & Firkin located in University Main Gate Square was voted Best Outdoor Dining, Best Locally Owned Restaurant and Best Pizza.

To our staff, this comes as no surprise. If you’ve never eaten at the Frog, it’s a must now and you’ll find out what over 249,000 voters already know.

Along with the best food in Tucson, the Frog offers great entertainment each and every night from Karaoke with Lucas Gonzales, Geeks Who Drink Trvia, Live Music and the Home of 520 Sports Talk.

With Football starring this weekend, the Frog is the place to be with College Football all day and coming soon the NFL regular season with the NFL Ticket including all your favorite teams.

Congratulations to Garrett and Jody Raetzman and their top notch Staff.



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