Letters to the Editor

(Marana, AZ)  We invite parents and Student/Athletes to write their concerns and complaints with viable solutions and problem solving ideas to our Editor.

Please feel comfortable about airing your opinions and we will not edit your letters or responses in accordance to our company policy of looking  at sports and issues through the eyes of the athletes and parents.

From a Marana High School Parent

I wish I could say I am surprised at the decisions you are making, but I am not. You have made bad decision after bad decision based on terrible standards. The devastation you are bringing to so many kids is regretful. To keep saying because of an abundance of precaution has become laughable. The harm that has come to kids outside of Covid has already become far greater than Covid will ever become. My daughter has had to see one friend shot and killed, another going to prison for a murder. This can directly be associated to being locked down and locked out and severe disruption of their lives because of terrible choices by those in charge. Now her Volleyball season comes to an abrupt end and she is being forced out of school for two weeks. Why this is makes no sense based on the current medical knowledge of 48-72 hours for children to clear. She has already fallen behind in her Honors math class and was going to have direct one on one help this week, which will now not happen. Putting her further behind. Thank you for the poor grade she will end with. She takes her classes and grades very seriously. I wonder what other decisions you will choose to make things even worse. I have heard all your excuses and they do not hold water. Your choices are made with CYA only. It has become a pathetic mess that you have made. My daughter has had a severe breakdown and I fear for her mental safety, not her health, because there is an infinitesimal chance of her being harmed by this so called devastating Virus. Why are you in a position of leadership when you have taken ZERO leadership. You have just gone along and the true welfare of the kids be damned. It is a sad state of affairs that some of you get paid what you do to make no rational choices and just follow along. God protect all the kids and especially those that are considering something rash. Suicides are up, depression is sky rocketing, anxiety is everywhere, drinking and drug use have multiplied and reckless behavior is becoming a norm. All of this can be directly attributed to Not The Virus, but to what you see as An Abundance of Safety. What a farce this has become.


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